A Tad Late

It is still World AIDS day in Hawaii, so I guess I'm still in time. Didn't hang around my computer today, hence the tardiness of the update.
I vividly remember where I was and the emotions I felt when I first heard about AIDS. It wasn't one of those things one could just walk away from and pretend to have never heard. I knew that very moment, young as I was, that it would have an enormous impact on the society we lived in. On many rooftops, people were heralding it as God's judgement unto the sexually immoral. On others, you could hear the rallying cry against homosexuals. Even today those cries can still be heard loudly and prominently over the more rational voices of the informed. "It happens only to bad people". They qualify it with the rare exception of blood transfusion accidents and infants.
They are absolutely right. It happens to bad people. The thing they failed to see however, was that there is no absolutely good person. Some lie, some cheat, some steal, some murder, some commit adultery. Who is one to judge the other? Instead, let us be more informed about the disease, and with whatever good there is to be found in us learn to love.
It is sad that many self-proclaimed Christians judge the loudest. Forgiveness is amongst the first things to be found in the nature of Jesus Christ.
A few useful links.
<a href="" target="_blank">Yahoo! Medical Information</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">The Body</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">The U.S. Centers for Disease Control</a>
<a href="" target="_blank">The NAMES Project</a>
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