Bending Over Backwards

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It's been a really cold day. This morning was the first time I ever walked to school in snow. One could argue that the flakes were mutant raindrops rather than snowflakes, but in Arizona we're thrilled even to have rain. Min and I were reluctant to head to the school's concert hall at night even though we had tickets to watch the National Acrobats of China. We had bought those tickets so long ago, and the wet and cold outdoors were not half as inviting as the inside of a blanket.
I'm glad we got our butts frozen. It was well worth it. We may have watched all these antics on television before, but seeing it live is so different. I couldn't help but go "wah lao!" at many of the stunts these acrobats pulled off. There were quite a number of audible "ohmyGodwhatishe/shetryingtodo's" in the audience sitting around me. The interesting thing was that there were parts of the show where they deliberately messed up, only to have a twist right at the end that showed you that they were in control after all. You know how the audience likes to think themselves superior. There's nothing like feeding their ego, then later revealing to them that it was dogfood all along. *smirks*
Five thousand years of civilization. Guess we really know how to throw a party. Alcohol's for plebians. We spin china on sticks and juggle Ming vases with our heads. That's one test to see if you can really control your liquor.
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