After 25 hours in the air and four packets of tissue paper later, I arrive at my home away from home. It sucks when you have to travel with a horrid cold. Plus the fact that the air in the aeroplanes (airplanes for you Americani<strong>Z</strong>ed people) does not help a stuffy/leaky nose. It was my luck that got us selected for what could be every single "random" security check there was along the way. At Seattle this Chinese customs officer smiled and told us the great news. When we tried to explain that we had a connecting flight to catch in twenty minutes he smiled and repeated the great news. That's Asian bochupness right there.
Anyway, the customs folks went through everything. Underwear, dirty clothes…..the works. I had to take off my shoes a few times in cause my soles had secret compartments where I could store bootleg VCDs in. I applaud their efforts to make air travel safe, and I know that it's a necessary job in light of what has transpired since. It's just hard when you've been sitting on your butt the last twenty hours and can't wait to take a nice hot shower. <strong>Nothing</strong> gets in the way of you and that shower….well, except for that one Chinese customs officer…..oh yeah, and the Caucasian one….and maybe a few of Polynesian roots along the way.
I'm glad my computer's still running fine, though I feel the urge to upgrade the motherboard and CPU to an Athlon XP2000+. After all, Louelle (my youngest sister back home in Singapore) just got a spanking new P4 1.7 Ghz. Mine barely touches 500 Mhz. I'm thankful though. At least I don't have to use a dialup.
Ah….the little things in life.
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