Life Without QWERTY

Coming home to Singapore meant a break from my ergonomic split keyboard, fast Internet access and computer games. Frankly, I've been so busy these past two weeks that even sleep had to take a back seat. It is interesting to note that I did not suffer from Internet deprivation as once feared, though I did miss updating my blog and communicating with you all. In fact, I had loads more time to do things I had always wanted to do. I was able to do some intensive reading, as well as writing letters (not emails). Though I've made many friends on the net, it is easy to neglect the ones that are around you when your head's stuck in front of a screen twenty-four seven. I'm glad I took the time off.
I resolve to take a more active part in things when I get back to Arizona. I'll just have to choose my computer games carefully, rather than playing the entire gamut of them I have on my hands simultaneously. There are so many people to touch, so many things to do. There's a world to change.
I'm a little more free now that Junior Camp is over, and I'd like to meet some of you before I leave for Arizona again, that is, if you want to. I guess the only way you can contact me is if you drop some means of contacting you in the comments below. I'll come to the library to check my site and we'll arrange something. I hope to.
God's grace be with you all.
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