More Than Meets The Eye

<img src = "images/posts/tenenbaums.jpg" border = "0" hspace = "7" align = "left">Watched <a href = "" target = "_blank">The Royal Tenenbaums</a> last week. I don't know what possessed my sister to suggest the show. The trailer offered a slightly off-beat humour. It was not a romantic comedy nor was it an action flick. It was hardly found in any reviews. But I'm really glad she did. It was one of those rare shows that seemed so pointless and so shallow to those who didn't bother to delve into its deeper meanings, or notice the little clues along the way. It was a movie that screened like a book. What's even more amazing is that the screenplay was co-written by Owen Wilson. Yup, the same Owen Wilson who farted in a bathtub opposite Jackie Chan in Shanghai Noon's outtakes. He also co-wrote <em>Rushmore</em>, which has the same feel and depth to it.
All I can say is watch it. Don't <em>see</em> it, but watch it. Carefully.
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