Water In Your Hand

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These are some of the kids I had in my group when I helped out in Junior Camp in December 2001. It's amazing how children can make one laugh. There are so many times I wish we didn't have to grow up. I wish I could somehow protect their innocence, and shield them from the harshness of reality that lay ahead.
Many of us have held in our hearts the burning desire to change the world in which we live – to somehow create a utopia out of this mess. We furrow our brows and face the world head on, yet our own hearts fail us when we see how daunting and enormous the task that lies before us. Yet many have given up the quest of their youth, and now hold their heads low, wanting to change the world no longer, and simply content that the world leave them alone.
I fear, that I too may give up the fight. I fear that my eyes may fail me, and that I may see the vision no more. The possibility of living this quest in futility is very real. The task of changing the world seems almost like holding water in one's hand. Yet in the laughter of our children I find new strength, and I hold my fingers together even more tightly.
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