A Friend Indeed

Kathryn is a daughter born to a hispanic family, of whom none have ever been to college. She did what everyone expected her to do, get married, have children, look after them and being them up. Maybe take on a job or two. It is the familiar life story of many hispanic females of her generation.
Kathryn is the mother of three sons who were born into relative comfort. She brought them up singlehandedly for the most part of their adolescent life. She was the breadwinner, advisor, friend, disciplinarian and most importantly, mother to these young men who grew by the day.
Kathryn is a wife. She divorced her husband seven years ago but in recent months they've come back together and reconciled their relationship. She is thankful that her ex-husband is now there to be the father of their children, and the husband he ought to have been to her.
In her mid-forties, Kathryn Suzanne Chavez made a decision that would alter the course for her entire family – she decided to go to college. She wanted to show her children that it was no longer a road untrod, but a course that was entirely possible. Her decision stirred a sense of hope in the air. Somewhere else in the United States, her sister heard about Kathryn's resolution and decided to follow her footsteps.
Kathryn is a friend – to me, and to many others. In a place full of jocks who pride themselves on how much alcohol they consumed over the weekend, and aesthetically pleasing girls who were concerned with the colour of their lipstick, you needed someone to keep you grounded from turning into one of them, or ending up isolated from all of them. Kat was this sort of a friend.
Kathryn is a survivor. Having conquered cancer a number of years ago, schoolwork and everyday life are small obstacles from a higher perspective.
She called me a few moments ago to tell me the news – the doctors found a brain tumour. Though the most recent diagnosis is highly optimistic, the news shakes me up pretty badly. These are the things that make you think and wonder if you've treasured a friend enough. All I know now to do is pray and hope upon the Lord, for the keys to life belong to Him alone.
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