Another Update On Kathryn

So often when we visit people in hospitals we are apprehensive about how to feel, how to behave, what to say. We do not know if we should be strong for them by offering words of encouragement, or show empathy by shedding a tear. We approach the situation as we would an injured animal – with extreme caution. We think of what we, the unsuffering ones, can contribute to make their experiences easier, or how we can uplift their spirits. Yet it is not so. In the times I've visited people in hospital, it has been the other way round. Instead of bringing my strength, I find myself being strengthened. Instead of ministering, I find myself minstered to. I can only stand and marvel at the grace of God.
Kathryn's up and about, talking about the scar on her head as if it were but a scratch. She speaks about her short hair as her new "do", and the task of getting well as her new challenge. The one thing that really struck me is that she was almost glad that she was the one with cancer, and not any of her children. There is so much I could learn from her outlook and optimism, so much that we all could benefit from.
To those of you who left a note of encouragement to her in the comments of the last update, thank you. Though I do not recognize your faces or names, I feel that we have communicated on a deeper level. I could be disappointed at the fact that though my Marvel Quiz page was hit more than seven thousand times in the last three days, less than twenty replied, but I know that like Kathryn I should learn to be thankful. Precious gems are not only very valuable, they are also extremely rare. I thank God that I've found gems in you.
God bless you, one and all. Have a good night.
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