Bummer Eh?

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Eleven year old Kierah from eastern England won two Jaguar X8s (one pictured above) when her Valentine's card was selected out of 12 million others in a nationwide draw. The letter was written to her by an anonymous boy who is probably now suffering from permanent head damage after slamming his head against a brick wall at the news.
"This is the suckiest Valentine's I've ever had. Not only did I have to watch Kierah win the two sports cars on my Valentine efforts, I didn't even get a date. She's probably too cool to go out with me now." says the distraught boy, who still refuses to be named. "I think I'm going to publish my sad Valentine stories online."
Unbeknownst (my recent favourite word) to the boy, thousands and thousands of <a href="" target="_blank">LiveJournal</a> users have already saturated the world with annual February 14th depression. His efforts, like his anonymous love letter, will no doubt result in nothing.
<span class = "byline">This reenactment is loosely based on a <a href="" target="_blank">true recent event</a>.</span>
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