But A Visage

It's quite amusing really. I'm in college majoring in Management Information Systems. I've used Internet Relay Chat for a good seven years. Seen ultra-expensive groupware collaborative suites and virtual rooms. Yet today when I saw the small image of a webcam move I was quite taken aback with fascination.
"The blog! It's coming alive!" For many of you who have come to Tribolum for some time now, we meet without faces, hear without ears and speak without voices. The linking of a physical human face to the words on the screen was very much like the awakening of a dormant synapse within my brain. Don't get me wrong – I know, and feel the very real human beings behind the words of blogs and journals I read, but a real life physical interface was somewhat of a new sensation to me.
We chatted for a bit on instant messenger, communicating in real-time. It was a joy to be able to see the emotions or reactions on a visible human face. Thank you dear friend, for the short time we shared. It was nice to have seen a friendly face.
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