Eponism is a term I coined to mean the melancholy side of love. Whether unrequited by the other party or held back by the circumstances that simply are, no love story can be fully appreciated without knowing the many that don't end "happily ever after". Eponism is from Eponine, the sweetest soul who died loving a man so blind who only sees her affection after she died for him.
Many of you have taken the Marvel test I created and I could have sworn I heard sighs of resignation or even angst upon getting the results. Five questions. Concocted by a relatively uneducated person. Hardly anything to take seriously. To all the Rogues, Xaviers, Wolverines, Phoenixes, Storms (no one seemed to have gotten her yet) out there, continue to pursue love, for life is nothing without it. To borrow a phrase from the movie G.I. Jane, "Pain is your friend. It tells you that you're not dead yet". Though slightly masochistic, love is very much the same way. We love because we want to feel life.
Spiderman might have seemed like the lucky answer to obtain, but in the more contemporary issues his wife Mary Jane dies because his identity as Spiderman was compromised. Life and love isn't always happy, and happily ever after's only happen in fairytales. Life in all its colour deserve celebration, whether in tears or laughter.
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