Lost In Space

I attended a talk at the Art College yesterday. It was nice to leave the large business building and walk into one that was older, smaller and less devoid of character. I know I've bored many of you enough with my ramblings about indecision – whether my course here at the University was the right one to pursue.
I guess it comes down to a culmulation of things. The dimly lit corridors…the smell of pottery clay…stains of paint everywhere. I'm tired of thinking about the bottom line. I'm tired of thinking about how business functions can be mapped unto relational databases. I feel the cold hard steel of machinery brush against my heart and I shudder. I miss the sunshine, the smell of flowers – all metaphorically of course. I miss touching hearts, and changing lives in whatever small degree. It's probably the main reason why I keep this blog – I reach out into the dark hoping to touch someone, strengthen someone, make someone smile. I wish I could see your faces, or know your reactions. Cyberspace is so populated, yet at the same time such a lonely place.
If you're out there, prod. I'd like to feel the warmth of your arm by my side.
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