Matters Of The Heart

<img src="" align = "right" hspace = "7" alt = "Kate And Leopold"><a href="">Kate and Leopold</a> was exactly what <a href="" target = "_blank">Vaya</a> said it was – a nice warm fuzzy movie best enjoyed without scrutinizing over the holes in logic. I was pretty sure I could hear the women in the cinema swooning as Leopold (Hugh Jackman) was filming the butter commercial. He looked absolutely stunning in his collarless shirts, gold vest and royal blue coat with gold embroidery. I'm not sure many people could have made that combination look half as regal and charming as he did.
<img src="" align = "right" hspace = "7" alt = "Sam And Lucy"><a href="" target = "_blank">I Am Sam</a> turned out to be the biggest surprise yesterday. I don't think I've ever cried this much over a movie ever. It is a story about Sam, who has the mental faculties of a seven year old, trying to win his daughter back from social services. The simplicity of the love he has for her is so clear, true and apparent that my heart was literally ripped out of my chest when the policeman tried to seperate the hugging pair of father and daughter.
Dakota Fanning, who plays the daughter, does a spectacular job. She makes the "I see dead people" rendition look like a failed gig on Barney. Please, do your heart a favour and watch it. If there is any life, in the heart of yours, you will surely, surely cry. And you'll be glad you did.
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