One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

While watching the NBA All-Star halftime show today I starting thinking about the whole issue of cloning. *laughs* This was spurred on Elton John's backup singer who looked like a skinnier, grunge version of Elton.
The current disputes over cloning and its many uses are all valid perspectives. Very much like fire, cloning has its noble and ignoble purposes, driven by a multitude of motives. Yet as the debate goes on, I cannot help but wonder if our apprehension should have started many years before this point. The very first person to win the Nobel Prize invented dynamite. Did we think about the repercussions even then? We tend to speed ahead in efforts to better the competition, more often for financial gain than anything else. As computers attempt to create another man-made world (my own theory is that money made the first) is it time to stop and ponder our actions before actually flying headlong into them?
My question to you, dearest friends – Which event in history would you have changed were you given such a power? I fear the end answer may very well be the creation of mankind, but such is an answer out of angst and pessimism rather than deliberate thought. Talk to me.
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