The Price of Gold

<img src="" alt="pelletier and sale" hspace = "7" align = "right">For those of you folks who actually have a soft side and have been following the figure-skating fiasco would probably have heard that the Skating Federation has promised to undertake investigations into the judging decision at the finals of the Olympic pairs figure-skating a few days ago. Apparently the gold went to the Russians who "stumbled" (according to CNN) and not the Canadians who didn't. Before you shout "Robbed!" alongside half the population of the continent I'm in (the female half of course), just remember that the media here is pro-american.
But wait…Sale and Pelltier are Canadians you say. It's almost ludicrous how the media has played up the fact that this could be the first time in forty years the gold medal goes to <strong>North America</strong>. Can you beat that? The Cold War has not ended! It survives on <strong>ice</strong> no less.
Elsewhere in Salt Lake City, America makes a medal sweep for the snowboarding halfpipe event, the first medal sweep in 46 years. Of course CNN didn't mention that 40% of the competitors were American. It's almost funny how badly America takes to losing. Don't even get started on women's soccer. That's got to bring a smile to your face. I smell a women's World Cup in the air.
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