Update On Kathryn

To those of you who prayed and hoped with me, I bring mixed news.
<a href="">Kathryn</a>'s brain surgery went well, but now the news is that they found the tumour to be malignant, rather than benign as they had first diagnosed.
In all honesty, I don't know how to describe what is going on inside me. It is easy to step back and regain control over my emotions, yet I do not want to tread the way of the emotionally and spiritually dead. I will not pretend it doesn't hurt, as the male species have been indoctrinated to do by countless Rambo movies, because it does. To have someone so close suffer so much and yet be totally helpless…it is not a good feeling at all.
Yet in all of this I know that I have to learn to trust God in all things. For He is neither helpless nor unloving. But I know that I cannot do this alone, for the burden is too great for me to bear. Do pray for Kathryn. She needs us. Every one. If you would like to send your well-wishes, leave a comment below, and I will bring it to her when I visit her.
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