Weight More Than I Can Bear

I had wanted to write something about Daniel Pearl's murder yesterday, but somehow couldn't bring myself to go through the anger and resentment at the cowardly act. It was a very rude awakening from my enjoyment of Olympic stories in the making.
We watch the Olympics unfold and at times some of us holler in indignation at unfair judging, at others we sit wide-eyed in awe of what was unfolding. We watch because the bitter taste of real life in the real world is…well, too real. In Salt Lake City we can choose to bestow two sets of gold medals instead of one, and injustices can sometimes find reprieve. But outside of the thin construct of the Winter Olympics we find ourselves too deep in the muck of our own doing. The hopelessness suffocates us and it seems like there's almost nothing anyone can do about it. It looks to be a downward spiral with no way out…death…war….we change the channel.
Don't forget the harsh reality that lies before our eyes. Futile though it seem, we still need to trudge on, and bear the weight of an Olympic torch far greater in magnitude – the torch of humanity. I'm tired, and I suppose many of you are.
I need a hug.
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