What's In Your Car?

The preacher Billy Graham went to a small town for a conference. Upon arriving at the airport, he was pleasantly surprised that a limosine was arranged to pick him up. He then asked the limo driver if he could drive, since he has never driven such a long vehicle before. The limo driver acceded his request, though he found it slightly unusual.
While driving on the Interstate, the limo went over the speed limit. The ride was so smooth that Billy Graham didn't consciously realise the speed of the car. A traffic cop spotted the speeding limosine and pulled it over. When the car window rolled down the cop exclaimed in a slight state of shock. "You're Billy Graham!". Billy nodded. The cop then asked, "do you know how fast you were going?" Not wanting to lie, Billy admitted that he had been speeding. The cop then went to his two-way radio and radioed base.
"Sir, do I have the discretion not to give a speeding driver a ticket?"
"I guess you could give him a warning. Who is the guy? Is he a foreign dignitary?"
"No Sir."
"A sports celebrity? A famous billionaire?"
"Then who's in the car?"
"I'm not sure who's in the car, but Billy Graham's the chauffeur."
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