A Glimpse Perhaps?

<a href = "" target = "_blank"><img src="" align = "right" border = "0" alt = "Welch's Isla Ng" hspace = "7"></a>Welch's Grape Juice is starting its advertising campaign again, and watching the television advertisement brought up a thought I had the first time I watched it. My sister (Min) looked a lot like the Welch's kid when she was around that age. They had the same haircut and face shape. The funniest thing is, Min remarked that my future kid if I should have one would probably look quite a bit like the Welch's kid, given that my girlfriend has those enormous eyes.
I smile, and my reaction catches me by surprise. I never knew it myself, but I think I'd love to have a kid. Go ahead, click on the picture. It might just be a glimpse of the future. For a moment, I am breathless with anticipation.
<span class = "byline">Image &copy Welch's.</span>
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