A Little Reprieve

I'm thankful that this week is over, and that the weekend is here. It's wonderful not to have classes on Friday. The sun seems brighter today, the flowers smell better, even the wind has a nice soothing texture as it brushes across my being.
<img src="" alt="Jason Gardner, University of Arizona" align = "right" border="0" hspace = "7">I'm all geared up for the huge basketball game this evening, as number 3 seed Arizona takes on number 2 seed Oklahoma. It's a match that will determine who will move on to the Elite Eight. While it's already a miracle that Arizona made the Sweet Sixteen this year despite losing four of its players to the NBA last year, all of us here in Tucson are hoping that this year's team will make it all the way.
Warning: Baller-speak below.
For all ya ballers out there (though I know the percentage of blogger-ballers ain't all that high), read what <a href="" target="_blank">ESPN</a> <a href="" target="_blank">wrote</a> about <a href="" target="_blank">Duke</a> star Jason Williams trying to make it to da big-league this June. J Will has been getting all the love in the league, but he ain't got no D. The media's slowing figuring out that this dawg may have more bark than bite.
<blockquote>Jason Williams is good. But not as good as the hype surrounding him. When he gets to the league, he'll have big trouble guarding pro 1s. Not the starting points guards. He can't guard even the smaller 1s — GP, Mighty Mouse, Snow, Alley I., Alvin Williams, Baron, Nash,Van Exel, etc., etc., — let alone when it's onions-time and Kobe or T-Mac go to point. Light him up like Christmas. The backups will give him pause. You think beating Troy Hudson or Bobby Jackson or Lindsay Hunter is cake? </blockquote>
Arizona's Jason Gardner, on the other hand, is "as good or better than Jason Williams". The normally pro-Duke ESPN has finally awoken to the hoop skillz in the PAC-10 Conference.
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