Being A Man

For those of you really faithful readers out there who remember <a href="" target="_blank">Andy and Silas</a>, the two kids who stayed in the next room while I was still at the dorm, I met them again today at the basketball courts. After a little less than two years some things have changed. They no longer live in the dorms. But looking at them I remember my admiration for these two best of friends. If there ever were a real life Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, these two would be it. Batman and Robin, Bert and Ernie…I'd nominate these two guys. Ok…maybe not Bert and Ernie.
Andy is not your normal college kid. He's a teenage father to a very beautiful daughter named Scarlet. Most guys I know would have run away, denying the enormous responsibility that came with such a role. He chose to be responsible. He now lives with the mother of his child, and her child from another relationship. He has become the father of two young children. I admire the size of his heart. Silas, whom I remember was a brash young American teenager in every sense of the word, told me how he'd go over to Andy's on Saturday nights to hang out because Andy's girlfriend had to work night shifts, and that Andy needed to be with the kids. I stand before the immense beauty of it all.
One chose to be a man. The other his friend. I wish them the best in all of my heart for all of their lives.
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