Calm Before The Storm

This weekend was a harrowing one – in a good sense. Looking my to-do list, I've tests and projects all lined up before the peace of Spring Break can be realised, but I spent this weekend in the weirdest fashion yet.
I played soccer with some of the Air Force personnel here in Tucson. It was probably the second or third time in my life I stepped on a field and used my feet on a ball. Ok, so maybe I'm not new to the concept of kicking balls, but that was way back in heyday when I used to get into fights all the time.
Preparing for the Database test over the weekend was a good experience. It was the first time since Kathryn's diagnosis that I've been able to concentrate on schoolwork. I do not doubt that her illness has affected me on a deeper level than I consciously realise. But life goes on, in the haphazard and almost uncaring way it does, and we learn to roll with the punches I guess.
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