It hasn't been the best of days, despite it being the last school day before next week's Spring break. Sitting on my bed strumming my guitar, I hit a D major 7 chord and it seems to reflect the mood of today so well. Not entirely angsty like a minor, yet not full and wholesome like a major, the Dmaj7 has with it a sweet melancholy – a certain twang to it.
I take out the Lemon Pledge and start polishing my guitar. Not only is it therapeutic, in some way it sets my life right, taking me away from the fast, hectic pace of work. Gently shining her soundboard is the least I could do for so lovely a bard. I ought to name her. Gweniviere comes to mind. I know I won't be allowed to name my daughter (if I ever have one) that, so my guitar will have to do.
Meet Gwen. She echoes my heart's unspoken feelings.
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