Freedom of Expression

Coming from a rather conservative society like Singapore that ocassionally borders on the point of anal-retentivity, one would expect that my viewpoints on individual freedoms to be less liberal than say, the average American. Yet I am shocked that Heather from <a href="" target="_blank"></a> was <a href="" target="_blank">fired</a> because of the ramblings she put up on her own personal website.
We all so often complain about our workplace, our personal relationships with parents, friends, significant others. I'd like to see Heather sue her company's ultra-oppressive behind and win.
Where does ownership of our own lives and that of the people involved in it begin or end? Like any publication, a website does not force itself on anyone – if it is offensive in any way, don't read it. The right to express oneself, whether in a written journal or a publicly accessible website should be protected.
I rant, because I can.
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