Fuzzy Logic

<img src="" align = "right" border = "0" hspace = "7" alt = "Denzel Washington in Training Day">Just watched <a href="" target="_blank">Training Day</a>, the movie that won Denzel Washington his Oscar as best actor. It took a while of getting used to the language of the streets, namely that of the impoverished African-American. It is interesting to note that this form of speech is slowly being adopted as the common language of African-Americans here in the United States.
Denzel has always shone in his roles as the good guy. Crimson Tide, Remember the Titans, The Preacher's Wife. He's the guy who has the most "beautiful face", according to a computer program that had facial symmetry as one of its major criteria. So Denzel, the angel, had to step up in this role as the bad cop with warped (but somehow good) intentions. Ethan Hawke is the rookie who, like us, is figuring out what is right and wrong throughout the movie. All in all, the movie is lacking in plot, but loads up on acting skill by the truckload.
<img src="" align="left" border = "0" hspace = "7" alt = "Ethan Hawke in Training Day">It is entirely plausible to imagine that cops actually do what Alonzo (Denzel's character) does. Abandoning rules in order to make the big catch, bribery, betrayal amongst gang members he considers as friends. We live in a warped world that grows even more so by the day. When we were young it seemed so clear-cut. Cops vs thieves. Autobots vs Decepticons. Superman vs Lex Luthor. It isn't so anymore. There's a loss of innocence within society, especially these past few decades.
In the last few months we have seen the integrity of the mega-accounting firms drop as Arthur Andersen shredded evidence in the whole Enron scandal. Child stars suing their parents for mismangement of assets. Catholic priests under investigation for child molestation. It has become harder for us to trust anyone or any institution. Life has become hard and cold. In all honesty, I'm half afraid to bring a child up in a world where no honour is found. The home can only provide this much protection.
Whatever is good, whatever is admirable, whatever is lovely. I hope and pray that there is enough left in this world for our children to survive on.
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