Home Alone

Had a long talk with Min a while ago. She mentioned that Singapore Management University was starting its intake soon, and that recruitment exercises were ongoing. She is in two minds as to whether or not to transfer back home. She misses home, and I think that she would be happier amongst friends and family.
It is not easy to adapt to a whole new culture, or move to an entirely different living environment. Even though we speak fluent English, the little nuances often get misunderstood. It sure took me a while to develop an understanding of the youth culture here in Tucson. There are times when I still roll my eyeballs. Being a few years older than most of the college students here, it is sometimes hard to fathom the undercurrents of the teenage mind. I often see my parents in myself, and much as I vow to never forget the tummultous nature of my own thoughts during my teenage years, I sometimes step across the line, and forget that I too was like that not too long ago. Saying stupid things, doing stupid things. Ah…youth. Heck, I still do all of that from time to time.
If Min does decide to transfer back home, it would mean that I return to Tucson for fall semester alone. I cannot even begin to imagine life without my sister in the apartment. I like to hear the television, knowing that another sentient being sits not too far away from me. Well, somewhat sentient, depending on the state of consciousness. Sleeping in front of the television set has become a habit of sorts in this household. I cannot imagine a quiet house, or not cooking for another person every night.
I don't know. Right now I can only pray, because He knows all these things.
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