Last Teatime

Tonight is Kieron's last night here. While most people would love to have an entire room to themselves, I know I'll miss having him to talk to, to be with. He has been a good roommate, considerate and understanding. I gave him a hard rock Singapore cap, just as a token of goodwill. I don't know if I'll see him again, but now I know that whenever I read news on English second division soccer and see Burnley, I'll be reminded of him. He has broadened my international perspective of things. I guess I used to read Enid Blyton and somehow drawn my own picture of English people from there. I still believe that a chap called Mister Meddle exists and is walking around the streets of some obscure town in England. Or in a land where rabbits talk, and golliwogs hold parties with teddy bears, you find these English people drinking tea. In another extreme, many of us may have put all Caucasians together, not realising the great difference between the English and the Americans. They are as different as night and day.
I had my science test today. I spent long hard hours trying to plough through the textbook. It was work as in I dreaded it, but the same feeling of amazement in discovery was still very much there. It is energy consuming though. This time, instead of Newton, and Copernicus, I wrote about Bernoulli and how he discovered that the air around us was made of molecules and that those molecules obey Newton's laws. Amazing stuff. Only to be found in an institution of learning.
I watched a few videos over the week, and I must say it has a most rejuvenating effect. I watched Much Ado About Nothing, and my love of Shakespeare was rekindled. It had never left me, and I so thoroughly enjoyed how every word and phrase was perfect for the occasion. Kenneth Brannagh and Emma Thompson's wonderful acting also helped bring the story to life. The other movie that touched me was Patch Adams. There was a part in it where Patch says "why can't we study for the joy of discovery, and not for grades?" I find that so true. We have killed the joy of learning in our youth, and I hope that there may be something later in my life I can do about it. I refuse to lead a life that makes no difference, and go silently into the night. The third video I rented was the cartoon Hercules. I've nothing intellectual to say about it, just that it was great fun.
Dearest Sarah, thank you so much for the wonderful paragraph you wrote in my guest book. I am constantly amazed by your maturity, despite your tender years. If I were older I'd have you as my god-daughter. If I were younger I'd have a crush on you. *Laughs* I'm kidding. I am touched by your words, for they hold so much truth, as seen by eyes yet untainted by the world. I'm now staring at the screen, in awe of the wonderful work God has done in you, Sarah. God bless you. He certainly has blest me through you, and through the many marvelous people that surround me.
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