Mass Media Ain't All Bad

<img src="" align = "left" border = "0" alt = "Arthur Hiller" hspace = "7">It is time for the Oscars again. Though it is a celebration of popular culture, there is a certain sense of idealism attached to the awards. It provides a sense of hope that the general intentions of these artistes, poets and performers are noble ones. Movies, in their truest form, allow us to all live the lives of others, understand pains and joys that we would have otherwise never known. Every year I gain some measure of wisdom in the words of these people who have spent their lives touching other lives.
I remember last year's shining moment vividly. Roberto Benigni won two awards for <A HREF="" target="_blank">Life Is Beautiful</A>. He then quoted the latter two lines of William Blake's Eternity,
<blockquote><blockquote><blockquote>He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in Eternity's sunrise.</blockquote></blockquote></blockquote>
This year the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award was given to Arthur Hiller. He has been active in 45 different charities and movements, and even smuggled books and clothing to US citizens in Russia who had been stripped of these rights. It wasn't so much what he has done that appeals to me – so many have done so much more and gone unnoticed. It was what he said tonight.
<blockquote>"I am embarassed to receive an award for doing something I should do."</blockquote>
Things we all should do. If Arthur Hiller affected and changed so many lives, imagine what a world we would be living in if everyone had that same attitude.
<span class = "byline">Image from <a href="" target="_blank">American Dreams</a>.</span>
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