Mind Over Matters

<img src="" hspace="7" align="left" alt="A Beautiful Mind" border="2">Watched <a href="" target="_blank">A Beautiful Mind</a> today and I must say that it made me think quite a bit. I don't profess to be a genius of any sort, but I can relate to a lot of what went on in the movie. The line between what we deem sanity and insanity is but a hair's breadth.
Ever ran a song in your head till you were pretty sure you heard it? Then strained hard to hear it again? I guess hallucinations are exactly that, only difference being one has to strain to get that song out of the head. I'm half afraid to analyze mental illnesses too closely as I often go deep into the recesses of my own mind in order to comprehend these matters. It is akin to walking down a dangerous pathway in order to see the huge cliff at its end – one might just fall over, never to return.
I find myself like John Nash (as portrayed in this <strong>Hollywood</strong> movie) in many ways. I often talk to myself, trying to find patterns in almost everything I see. I strongly believe that almost all things are attributable to some form of reason (not necessarily mathematical) and seek to find them. When I suffer the ocassional ankle sprain I might even walk like Nash did. The only difference between us is probably an IQ factor of about 150.
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