I went back to school today. Yes it's a Sunday and I had some work to finish off. Though I never left on a vacation like most other sane students, coming back to a half-filled McClelland Hall (The Business College here at the U of A) was a refreshing experience. I won't venture as far to say that I missed school tremendously, or that I was looking forward with all eagerness to hit the books or start hardcoding again, but I was glad to be back.
In <a href="" target="_blank">Carina</a>'s words, the mood was certainly new. It is not a real adjective of a mood I suppose, but it fits so well. The half-setting sun bathes everything in a bronze-golden tone, and everything seems just so serene and right.
People coming back to the campus. It's getting hard to find a parking lot again. The reawakening of the college town. It's a truly unique college experience. I sense Carina smiling. Not a purely happy smile. Just one of familiarity and newness all rolled into one. I know, because I'm smiling the same way.
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