<center><em>"There is no such thing as too much beauty in this world."</em></center>
Her tears ran down her cheek, mascara stains streaking down her eyes as she stood there in the rain. He turned around and left her there, his brown trenchcoat's rustling growing softer and softer as he walked away in the distance, leaving her standing alone amidst the bustle of the square. The neon lights flickered falsely, reflecting into a million variations of itself in every street puddle, unable to give light in the suffocating darkness of the night.
Her life. It had been a lie. All twenty three years. The clues had always been there – insignificant coincidences, she thought. People would come up to her and tell her how she looked so much like a friend they had, or another someone in another street. Her friends told her that she had one of "those faces". A face that people found familiar, comforting, like that of someone they knew from a long time ago, or a place far away. She didn't take heed of these things till the night she saw her own doppleganger. In that one fleeting moment, her existence seemed as if it were ripped in two.
<center><em>Her eyes. They were blue. Like mine. Exactly like mine.</em></center>
That began a personal quest that lasted four whole years. Four years of asking questions and not receiving a reply. Until tonight.
Twenty four years ago she was made, not conceived. She was placed, not born into a family. She was unlike any person around her, only because she had had her uniqueness stripped away, one double-helix at a time. She could almost remember the needle piercing into her cells, injecting into her what would be her personality, her looks, her being. Her makers had meticulous hands, not minds. They had not seen her heart – how she would feel being part of their little game. They had not asked her consent. They had forcibly invaded her life, leaving the indelible mark of their fingerprints on every cell. Almost a quarter century later, they had left her on her own to battle the silent ghosts, the dopplegangers that would haunt her the rest of her life.
The headlights came fast and she had little time to react. There was a deep silence in her mind as she fell to the ground. The muffled murmur of the crowd was incoherent to her. She was unlike them. Her pain was beyond their comprehension. <em>Her</em> pain. <em>Hers</em>. She guarded her sole possession fiercely, and as she drifted away from consciousness, she knew that only the skies would weep for her that night. She was no one.
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