Pipe Dreams

Just when I had deemed the day uneventful and headed to find solace on the basketball court, Poseidon paid my apartment a visit. I came home to a rather "distraught-but-keeping-it-together" sister who had done a great job of strategically placing buckets, containers, cups, pots and pans all over the place. Water was dripping down from the apartment upstairs. According to the hardworking saviour of the apartment, the guy upstairs had a little river running down his hall and couldn't help but spread the joy of having water in Arizona to us lucky folks downstairs.
The plumber came and was kind enough to loan us his vacumn machine. It was one of those gigantic ones that could possibly create a blackhole if aimed upward. We lent a hand and sucked all the water out of the carpet. I am not one to jump into doing household chores, but it was nice that this was our own little place, and that we were responsible for its upkeep and general dryness. My sister and I make one heck of a team.
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