Rock (Band) Almost Visits Earth

<img src="" border = "0" alt = "Asteroid almost hits Earth" hspace = "7" align = "right">According to this CNN <a href="" target="_blank">article</a>, Earth was almost hit by an asteroid that approached us from a blind spot. It's funny how movies like Armageddon and Deep Impact all come about the same time, striking mass hysteria into the general public. Not at all a possibility that lingered in our minds a couple of decades ago, one can't help but wonder how simple life used to be. I'm pretty sure asteroids have been zipping over our heads for a long long time, and until now the folks in Roswell have been crying wolf.
Everything seems to be happening at light speed and I fear for the generation to come – our children. As it is we already have problems keeping up with the hectic work cycle. Investments, retirement plans, promotions, war, disease and now asteroids. I wish I could just lay on the green grass beside a red barn somewhere and stare at the sky. You know, do the Charlie Brown thing. Hope the rest of you guys are holding up fine.
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