<img src="" alt="Jason Williams after missing the potential game-tying shot" align="right" border = "0" hspace = "7">March Madness is over. Arizona lost to the Oklahoma Sooners 88 – 67. Being a Wildcat myself, I could rattle on about how Oklahoma played rough and wasn't called for half the fouls they committed, but such is the nature of the game. We'll welcome our boys home and congratulate them on a job well done. Before the season began nobody even ranked the team in the top 25, yet here we are playing at the Sweet Sixteen. They can lift their heads high.
The consolation for every Arizona fan tonight in the fact that The Duke (Blue) Devils lost to Indiana 74 – 73. Jason Williams had a chance to tie the game with a free throw and missed. Though I feel bad for him as it is the absolute worst game scenario one could imagine in a basketball career, I am glad that the pride of the Blue Dynasty is broken. It was nice to see the wide grins on the faces of the Indiana Hoosier players, rather than the smug look Duke would have given us did they win.
A soft, almost silent cry can be heard over many college campuses tonight chanting "Duke is dead…Duke is dead". But I will not join them. Much as a basketball buff I am, basketball wins and losses are as inconsequential as a hamster running its wheel. It's the character one shows when playing the game that counts. The Wildcats showed determination, focus and a lot of class.
I flip through the calendar. There's March next year as well.
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