The End Is Nigh

It just came to my attention today that there are only six more weeks till the end of the semester. That means that it is six more weeks before the nice three month long break which I'm absolutely looking forward to. The semester has flown past, and though I know stressful times are ahead (just check out my to-do list) the vision of the finish line before me spurs me on. The scary part about running in order to finish is that life passes you by.
This semester has definitely been one of the more productive. Not in terms of academic pursuit, but community involvement. I've been serving actively in the Asian Bible Fellowship as well as the Tucson Chinese Baptist Church. Though the culture of college students, especially that of Asian college students, is extremely goal-oriented and success-minded, I hope that I can help these young people see that there is so much more to life than all that. It is just so easy to get sucked into the system. Before we realise it, it is not six weeks or a year, but a lifetime spent pursuing the illusive dream of gaining respect. I say this now, but I know that I'll have to muster all the determination I have to see beyond my nose the moment I hit the job market.
20th March, 1335hrs.
<strong>Update</strong>: Just found out that it's a little more than eight weeks till everything's over. All of a sudden, the road seems oh so long.
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