The X-Roads of Our Lives

For those of you familiar with the British education system, the 'O' Level results were released yesterday. For those of you unfamiliar, the 'O' Levels are a pivotal juncture of a student's educational future, a set of examinations taken when one is about 16 years of age.
I remember the time I got my results. Not being as hardworking as I should have been back then, I got less than stellar results. Opening that tiny slip of paper changed my life. Before that I had wanted to be a Literature teacher, a writer, a poet, a bard, a Broadway singer (if I had the voice)…you get the picture. Where I once had no problems getting my As for Literature the 'O' Level gods at Cambridge decided that I deserved a low C for my literary talents. I would no longer be able to attend a college to learn more about the written word which I had come to love so dearly. I ended up taking a diploma in International Business instead, and now am pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems.
It is hard to say that I do not regret the times I spent studying International Business at the local Polytechnic, for I made many good friends and learnt a great deal, but at the back of my mind I always wonder about the what-could-have-beens. As many of you can tell, writing is an outlet for me, even if it is only the few of you who actually read it. I only hope that my writing skills are not too rusty, and that the blog you're reading this moment doesn't come across as incoherent.
I still have dreams of writing and teaching someday. I hold on to it as I would a secret treasure, or a precious infant. Somewhere inside I know that like many of my other dreams, this too may slip away, but I want to live life knowing that my time on earth affected change in people, whether few or many. On a deeper level, I hope that my writings here have somehow had an impact on you,dear reader. One life is too short a time for us to learn what we should, and the exchanging of life experiences is integral to the development of every individual.
So to the younger ones out there who have come to this crossroad of your lives, cherish this moment, for it will be etched in your memory. Choose wisely, pray often, and may God shine on you, whichever way you have chosen.
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