Things We Should Say But Do Not

Seems like we have a movie-fetish this weekend, and the fact that Blockbuster had some special offers didn't help. I just finished watching <a href="" target="_blank">Life as a House</a>, and it has provoked some thought. If you're rolling your eyeballs and thinking that every movie I've watched seemed to have resulted in a post on Tribolum, think again. I also caught <a href="" target="_blank">The Rookie</a> this afternoon at the movies and I must say that it inspired a total of zero brain waves.
<img src="" alt = "Kevin Kline in Life As A House" align = "left" border = "0" hspace = "7">Life As A House follows the same formula as <a href="" target="_blank">American Beauty</a>. Without revealing any spoilers, the movie revolves around a middle-aged man who loses his job and decides that all these years he hasn't been living. He does radical things and people around him finally start to respond. I'm sure you're familiar with the formula.
Ever realised how much of our lives is spent keeping quiet about things we want to say? I'm not talking about starting revolutions or rebellions, that's for another time and place (or movie). It seems an inherent human trait to hit the coffee-house, slump onto the couch beside your close friends, and complain about how people treated you that day, or about how your job's unfair, or how the weather destroyed your plans. We are so very quick to foist all the things that hurt us or inconvenience us that we forget the many, many wonderful things that we enjoy.
I do not stand upon a soapbox and preach unto you, because I know that my heart contains as little courage as most of you. Being Asian doesn't exactly help the cause either, because we're taught to keep quiet and endure whatever comes our way, bearing in mind that any suffering is probably insignificant when compared to that of our parents, grandparents or even some obscure relative.
<em>You think that's bad? You know…third uncle on your father's side…</em>
You know how it goes.
I'm just glad that I can sit here and type everything out. In some way this is my soapbox. My little space where I can say whatever I want, half hoping the people I say it to will find it, half hoping they won't. I'll say it anyway.
Dad – thank you for loving mum. In all your quiet ways you've shown me how to be the man of the house.
Mum – thanks for enduring my entire teenage years. I know I can never make up for the heartache I caused, but I'll live trying.
Min – you know that I love you a lot, even as a young kid you always had a place in my heart. I secretly (because I dare not tell you face to face) desire so much that you'll come to church with me. Just to give it a shot. If I had only one desire it would be that you'd give Christ a chance.
Louelle – even though I don't see you half as much as I would like, you still make me smile, especially when you sent URLs of the Nike shoes you hope we'll get for you. You're growing up to be a really good kid. I miss you a lot.
I could go on, but it's late, and Tribolum's gonna need material for drier days.
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