Alternate Universes, One Timeline

<img src="" alt = "Dungeon Siege Picture" align = "right" border = "2" hspace = "7">These few months have been a fruitful time for the production of RPGs, role-playing games for you non-gamers out there. I can't say that I'm a die-hard fan of the genre. Sure, I've played one or two of the Final Fantasy series on my Playstation, but I'm far from die-hard. For those of you who can remember, there was a time when I struggled within myself to stop playing Diablo 2 because of the dark spiritual implications that came with the game. Fiction is an expansion of the human mind, and allows us to explore much more than is possible within a lifetime, but the line between fiction and dark spiritual propaganda is thin.
The movie release of The Lord of the Rings brought me many memories of computer games I played so many years ago on a green monochrome screen. The game was written in BASIC, and I remember manipulating the game to increase my character's strength, the amount of gold he had and so on. Since then I've amused myself with the entire NBA Live series. RPGs have not made a comeback in the tray of my CD-Rom drive. Until now.
The initial wave was of course Dark Age of Camelot, which I <a href="" target="_blank">blogged</a> about only last November. 11 days after I blogged about how fascinating the whole new world was to me, I went cold turkey and decided to stop playing it because it took up an immense amount of time which could be spent more productively. <a href="" target="_blank">Wizardry 8</a> helped me scratch the medieval itch I caught from Tolkien's world. I was really waiting for the release of <a href="" target="_blank">Dungeon Siege</a>.
I would be amazed by the stunning graphics the moment the game ran. I was surprised it actually looked good on the relatively slow computer I had. Chris Taylor (the game's creator) really it all laid out. The storyline was simple but not insulting to our egos, the controls were spectacularly ergonomic…and the graphics. Did I mention the graphics? Oh I did? Well the graphics were great.
Unlike NBA Live where I could play a game and then walk away from it after the final whistle blew and the game was over, RPGs allow no such juncture. It's always about finding new weapons, meeting new characters, getting them to join your party, exploring new caves and so on. I know that my recent obsession with Dungeon Siege is in danger or running out of proportion. I guess I'll save the rest of the game for summer holidays. I only pray I have the strength to press the CD eject button. Sometimes it's the smallest, hardest button to hit.
With my <a href="" target="_blank">history</a> of falling in love with girls wielding staves (plural of staff), it is no doubt I'm the target audience for Dungeon Siege advertisements. Look at her. Green eyes, red hair, and a sword of flame beside her face. Who could resist?
*laughs* Don't get me wrong. I don't like "bad" girls. It is the intrinsic quality inside every woman that attracts me. Their ability to show such strength, such beauty and such vulnerability all at the same time. It is like watching a flower bloom in the snow.
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