Bad Poultry For A Good Friend

To a friend from a land far away where sombreros abound, abductions a way of life, and kitchenware fly. And to any of you who is in need of a nursery rhyme that doesn't end in utter death.
I saw your lonely laughter
I heard your forlorn smile,
your newly shorn head of hair
befit your playful style.
Yet something stirred beneath it
what it is I do not know
even from a distance
your spirit seemed so low.
I just wanted to tell you
that though not saying, we care
the many friends of long ago
want you to know we're there.
I could go on forever
and never have to stop
but with the way things are out there
Wayne Brady needs a job.
So on this note I'll end this song
and ask you take a while
to remember us who've fought beside you
and then smile
a truly happy smile.
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