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<img src="" alt = "Angelina Jolie in Life or Something Like It" border = "0" hspace = "7" align = "right">Watched <a href="" target = "_blank">Life or Something Like It</a> this afternoon. It's basically a story of a reporter who interviews a homeless who is a self-proclaimed street prophet, and is told that she only has a week to live.
The question is an age-old one. What would you do if you knew you only had <em>x</em> number of days left to live? Lanie (Jolie) has her carefully engineered life – the perfect job, perfect fiance, perfect body, and upon closer inspection finds that the life she has is not that perfect. It is not an intellectually stimulating experience and is highly predictable, but not a terrible movie in all.
When faced with the question, somehow I find myself not changing anything very much with the way I live. Whether it is because I am already living life to the fullest or a product of inertia I do not know. What would <em>you</em> do?
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