Driving Off In The Sunset

The one thing I first noticed about the America road system is how it all lines up into a grid. A very useful and often overlooked tip when searching for a place to stay or work in USA is to find a workplace west of where you stay. That way you'll not face the rising sun when you drive to work, or the setting when you drive home. The strong glare (especially here in Arizona) is almost enough to blind anyone wise or foolish enough to drive with their eyes open.
I was driving home from coffee with some friends, heading west into the setting sun. It was a glorious sight, mostly due to my remembering to wear my <a href="" target="_blank">Ray Bans</a>. The golden sun low in the horizon. The endless expanse of asphalt shimmering with radiance. With a soft purr and a slightly contented sigh I think to myself: I love this place. I love it for the simple fact it is the stage upon which many memories of my life were, and still are being made.
I wish I could share the image with you, but it wouldn't have been wise to operate a camera and drive at the same time.
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