Elementary My Dear Watson

<img src="" alt = "The Real Mary Jane Watson-Parker" border = "2" hspace = "7" align = "left">Seems like <a href="" target="_blank">Spiderman</a> will hit the big screens in Singapore a day earlier than here in the United States. Adding in the time difference between the two regions, that's almost two whole days. As it is, Sony is already going pretty heavy on the marketing for the movie, and the trailer has become quite a common sight on the television. It's not a bad thing, mind you. The movie looks good by many standards. It's quite evident to see that the makers of the movie spared no expense when it came to the computer graphics.
Having been a Spiderman fan for some time, my spider-sense tells me that this movie isn't going to live up to the hype. While the trailer shows promise of the movie's ability to create excitement for the sheer adrenaline rush, true Spiderman fans know that Spiderman is a different sort of cool. X-Men have their mutant powers and gadgets. Superman has his "I'm all alone on earth, I wish I died in Krypton" melancholy. Batman has his lack of acting skills. Heck, put a rubber mask on Denzel's face and see if he can pull off an Oscar performance. Might as well get Michael Keaton or Val Kilmer to do the job. Oh wait…that's right. They already did that.
What does Spiderman have? Boyish charm. In spades. Sure, Toby Maguire looks the part, but Spiderman's boyishness shows even when he's in costume. For those of you old enough to remember Spiderman and his amazing friends, you know what I'm talking about. The sense of humour. Sony's never been a very humourous company, so I hope they outsourced that part.
<img src="" alt = "Kirsten Dunst as MJ" hspace = "7" align = "right" border = "2">One of the hinges upon which the success of the movie hangs on is Mary Jane Watson. Her own brand of unabashed self-confidence mixed with her deep and serious love for Peter Parker has won many, many hearts everywhere. The producers of the movie have chosen Kirsten Dunst to play this pivotal role. Somehow I don't see Kirsten doing Mary Jane justice. Maybe it's because I associate Kirsten with cheerleader flicks like Bring It On or beauty queen comedies like Drop Dead Gorgeous. Mary Jane is too dear in many a fan's heart to be portrayed even a smidgeon different from what we know her to be.
Win our hearts, Kirsten. Be Mary Jane.
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