Freedom to the Senses

It's been a different weekend. Not bad, merely different. Quite liberating really.
A friend came by a few days ago to watch me play <a href="" target="_blank">Dungeon Siege</a>, and in my hospitality I offered him a round or two of dungeon crawling. It brought out the dormant gamer in him. As his notebook couldn't support higher-end graphics he called a few days later to have another go at the game. Though most would think it a hinderance or an inconvenience, I saw it as an means of escape. Many hours in my normal day is spent in front of the computer, either doing schoolwork, typing out my thoughts, reading other people's thoughts, or gaming. Being highly habitual and / or terribly inert I can't seem to gather enough motivation to step away from it all and do things outside of this electronic virtual environment.
Thanks to the friend, I washed my car yesterday morning. By hand, mind you. Even down to the rims on the tyres. A mildly cathartic experience. All this connectivity available to us in the form of cellular phones and the Internet has made us forget the value of tactual sensations.
I caught up on my reading. Developed a slight infatuation with Eowyn, smelt the smoke of battles freshly fought, tasted the ash on my tongue, saw the glimmer of Anduril from a distance and heard the trumpets as they proclaimed the arrival of King Elessar. I lived this weekend. I hope you did too.
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