Intimacy Lost

The general premise is that advertising on the Internet has not been the financial messiah everyone thought it would be. With sites like <a href="" target = "_blank">Geocities</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Tripod</a> throwing enough popup windows to resemble a movie montage, the Internet advertising industry draws its last breath. Despite this failure, web advertising's secret successes delve into the darker, more shadowy corners of our society. The Internet has allowed us, all of us, to interact with people and business almost anonymously, and it is there the ignoble qualities of man manifest themselves. Though the pornography industry has made millions out of their popup advertisements, even more prevalent is the sale of spy cameras, predominantly from a company that shall remain unnamed.
It's success lies in the fact that it is able to reach out to more surfers than the porn sites by masquerading as an innocent household solution. It touts itself as a baby monitoring device, or a means by which one can capture memories to last a lifetime. Yet it boldly depicts graphics of scantily-clad blondes with long flowing tresses, its true selling point blatantly obvious, yet politically "correct".
There has not been many who have voiced out against the sale of such "surveillance" equipment, and those who dared were quashed as the number of legal options open are virtually zero. It is very worrying to note that the sales of such cameras have skyrocketed, and continue to increase. I'm pretty sure the demand for baby monitors is hardly the driving force behind these sales, and anybody can deduce the voyeuristic intentions behind these purchases.
Some things in life are sacred because they are hidden. Some things are intimate because knowledge of them are privy to the chosen. The moral fabric of society is stretched thin when these lines are crossed. There is an overwhelming silence in the community today. We seem almost too busy to defend the light.
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