Keeping In Touch

Just came out of a lecture on wireless technologies. The guest speaker had a business selling wireless solutions, so I guess that his perspective would undoubtedly be skewed.
It seems that wireless technology and pervasive computing has become a major topic in recent months. Bluetooth and 802.11 wireless standards have been touted as technologies that would change the way we live for more than a year now. Looking at Singapore, it is evident that we have stepped into this age of wireless connectivity, even a little too recklessly.
Anyway, everyone seems to be getting in on the hype. Though USA is a little behind in terms of cellular phones and related devices, the buzz is out and people in the Business college are just gobbling it up, talking about CDMA and frequency division multiplexing and other large technical terms one would never have had to struggle with only five years ago.
No one seemed to ask the main question that stared us all in the face : Do we need to stay connected at all times such that wireless technology is going to become a large part of our lives?
As it is right now we already spend too much time online. The fact that I'm writing this and that you're reading this proves it. To think that in the near future the comfort of a book while commuting may not be available to me as a normal way of life is a scary thought. There is too much data and too little knowledge. Even as I sit here typing this I am still on an information high. Its symptoms often include incoherent babbling, rather than quiet and deep reflection.
I wish I could start a farm somewhere and read books till the end of my days. And write. And read them to children. Come farm with me.
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