Life and Death and Life.

This is my first Easter Sunday away from home. In many ways, it is my first Easter Sunday because we do not observe the ocassion back home. It was interesting to attend church service at 7:30 in the morning outdoors, and have the sun slowly rise and light up every face seated there.
I've never witnessed an Easter Egg hunt before, and I must say that it is one of the most traumatising experiences a child could have. I saw this toddler – a young boy – plod towards two plastic eggs when an older girl walked by and picked them up right in front of him. To have something right in front of you and have it taken away is not what I would consider fun. I wonder how many hours of therapy originates from Easter Egg hunts gone wrong.
I just came back from an Easter potluck which the Asian Bible Fellowship students had. We were sitting around, some guys playing the guitar, others sitting down and talking about everyday events and life in general. Someone's cell phone rang. Tiffy's father passed away today. The news came as a shock and in many ways changed the flow of the activities there and then. Though Tiffy wasn't amongst us, we could almost feel her pain and sorrow, and for that moment we came together and prayed. Yet at the back of my mind I knew that we came to celebrate Christ's resurrection, and that Tiffy's dad's passing was not the end but the beginning. It was a moment that made the message more real to many of us. It seemed a message that would ring loud and clear the whole of today, and tonight.
Death is not the end of the sentence, life is.
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