Not The Work Of Human Hands

When asked by Questor to give a description of myself for <a href="" target="_blank">Chronoscape</a>, I was unable to come up with a quick answer. He then suggested, "Religious. Because you often seem religious on your website (Tribolum)". I only hope that he does not mean that I seem to follow blindly, or that I appear as a farce who pushes my faith in people's faces, because that's the last thing I want to do. Christianity defines much (I wish it were all) of who I am, and my thoughts, decisions and thus writing often come from those origins.
After reading many blogs and talking to many young people from my generation, it can be deduced that most are apathetic when it comes to their beliefs. I don't blame them, nor do I point an accusing finger, because I know that many religious institutions are pushy, egoistic and judgemental. The chieftest of these are Christian "churches". A friend of a friend was burned recently, and I can't help but suppress the anger that is within me. I only hope and pray that she sees beyond the human institution, and focus on the heavenly one.
I had wanted my sister to attend the potluck tonight, but she didn't want to come. I felt hurt, even angry, for she had promised some commitment only a week ago. I couldn't speak to her for some time without the sounding angry and disappointed. When I came home she came up and spoke to me, pretending nothing happened. It seems to be the dominant Asian method to resolve disputes. We simply pretend nothing was ever wrong. Part of me wanted to hang on to the hurt, another part wanted to lash out. A small part wanted to love, and to hope.
I walked to the kitchen, and made her a drink. I love her. If only I could tell her how much.
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