Poets of a Newer Age

It is 11.04pm. I have not played Dungeon Siege all of today. I decided to let my brain graze on greener pastures.
I wrote letter to the editor of <a href="" target="_blank">PC Gamer</a> regarding the future of computer gaming.
<blockquote>The personal computer has reached a plateau in its function as a form of entertainment. Let's face it, the "wow" factor we derive from cutting-edge graphics is diminishing by the second. 3D sound…4D sound…it all begins to lose its novelty after the initial two seconds. Then came the whole online community model. Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Anarchy Online. That helped sustain the entertainment value in PC gaming for a while.
The gaming scene is in need of radical change. Not just the adding of more bells and whistles. It is time to stop adding lights on the Christmas tree. Dang it, we're already in April.
Looking at the evolution of traditional entertainment media such as books and movies, the gaming industry could stand to learn a thing or two. For one, books and movies have been successful in tapping the one market that eluded gaming – the women.
Books and movies have gone beyond mere entertainment and justified their existence by giving their audience the ability to live different lives, see through different eyes, and feel emotions they would never have in their own lifetimes. Entertainment derived from these traditional media not only caters to the imagination, but also the intellect. The advent of the computer or console as a mainstream form of media offers the distinct advantage of interactivity. Titles like Mayo Free Clinic and the Encyclopedia Brittanica failed miserably to harnass the new-found power.
The poet, bard and philosopher have always been the forefront of cultural change. The gaming industry needs people who bring unique perspectives not only into technology or gaming experience, but into life itself. They need to be able to communicate their vision and ideas to the fullest extent, utilizing the technology that is now available to them. The PC will be their pen. The result will be an experience that combines the exhilaration of gaming and the intellectual depth of a good book.
These people will be the messiahs of the new age.</blockquote>
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