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Here's the news on the von Trapp family which I had promised.
<img src="" align = "right" hspace = "7" border = "1" alt = "Captain von Trapp">Christopher Plummer. The stern captain (pun intended) ran a tight ship in the von Trapp household, scaring the heck out of the rest of us. He was last seen in the movie <em>A Beautiful Mind</em>, as Rusell's Crowe's psychiatrist. Like many of you right now, I too was struggling hard to remember what the psychiatrist looked like.
<img src="" align = "right" hspace = "7" border = "1" alt = "Maria von Trapp">Julie Andrews. Probably by far the most well known of the cast. I'm sure some of you read the news of how her vocal chords were irreparably damaged after a minor throat operation. She received a standing ovation when she appeared on Andrew Lloyd Webber's birthday special. She now writes children's books.
<img src="" align = "right" hspace = "7" border = "1" alt = "Liesl von Trapp">Charmain Carr. Charmain was 21 when she won the hearts of male adolescents everywhere singing "I am 16 going on 17". She is now 59. She took up interior decorating over acting because she wanted "children and a career she could control". She still appears in "Sing-A-Long Sound of Music" events across the United States.
<img src="" align = "right" hspace = "7" border = "1" alt = "Friedrich von Trapp">Nicolas Hammond. Nicolas is still close friends with his SoM siblings. He played Peter Parker in <em>The Amazing Spiderman</em> back in the 1970s. He is now the scriptwriter for an Australian miniseries and currently resides there. His mother still has the telegram that reads "Nicky got the job".
<img src="" align = "right" hspace = "7" border = "1" alt = "Brigitta von Trapp">Angela Cartwright. Angela spent three years acting in the series <em>Lost in Space</em> on television. She now owns a gift boutique with her husband in California selling her hand-tinted black-and-white photos. Her daughter played Maria in a summer-theatre production of SoM eight years ago. Angela cried when her daughter came out singing "the hills are alive…".
<img src="" align = "right" hspace = "7" border = "1" alt = "Louisa von Trapp">Heather Menzies Urich. Heather starred in <em>Logan's Run</em>, a television series in the 1970s, posed for <a href="" target="_blank">Playboy</a> (she wanted to "see what it's like to be sexy"). She is now the mother of three children.
<img src="" align = "right" hspace = "7" border = "1" alt = "Kurt von Trapp">Duane Chase. Duane made only one film after SoM. He went on to get a degree, and then a master's in geology from the University of Alabama. His wife is of Austrain origin and originally came to the United States as a nanny. Duane is now a software engineer.
<img src="" align = "right" hspace = "7" border = "1" alt = "Marta von Trapp">Debbie Turner. Debbie, a presence in commercials even before SoM went on to make more commercials and had a stint of modelling in Los Angeles. She got married and raised four daughters. She is now a freelance floral designer and markets homemade collectible Santas online.
<img src="" align = "right" hspace = "7" border = "1" alt = "Gretl von Trapp">Kym Karath. In SoM, Kym fell off the boat in the scene where they were in the lake and someone had to rescue her out of the water. After SoM, she went on to do what she describes as "dumb blonde" roles in movies and television. She took time off to be a homemaker to raise her son, but is now back on the audition track.
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