Triumph by Proxy

I've always been a closet fan of <a href="" target="_blank">Volkswagen</a>. Sure, the old Beetle wasn't much to look at, but the new generation of VW cars are simply too scrumptious to resist. The one car that caught my eye quite a number of years ago was the Volkswagen Golf. It seemed to me, back in the days of my naviety, that it was an awesome combination of practicality and good taste. From what I learnt from my dad, continental cars were sturdier and more reliable. My mom, being the accountant that she is, taught us never to spend beyond our means.
So I looked at the VW Golf.
<center><img src = "" alt = "A picture of a silver Volkswagen Golf" border = "0"></center>
<img src = "images/bullet.gif" alt="orange bullet" hspace = "5" align = "middle">It was a continental car with a reputation for quality. Heck, I heard my dad say that the old Beetles could even drive in high water.
<img src = "images/bullet.gif" alt="orange bullet" hspace = "5" align = "middle">It wasn't ostentatious like a Mercedes or a Beamer. It looked like a Toyota Starlet, or a Nissan March. It would probably be affordable. Fact is, if it were within my reach when I started working, I might even bought the GTI version. More power!
Number two couldn't have been more wrong. The small car cost a bomb. I still dream, of course, though one might argue that I may as well wish for a Lamborghini Diablo, since neither will come true.
So when I heard the news that Volkswagen recently unveiled the <a href=",3999,2-15-47_1168834,00.html" target="_blank">world's most fuel-efficient car</a> it seemed as if I had some part in their engineering triumph. Once thought impossible, Volkswagen managed to squeeze 100 kilometers out of 1 litre of diesel. Maybe my happy thoughts contributed some good vibe that assisted their efforts. I celebrate a triumph that is and isn't mine.
<span class = "byline">Image &copy Volkswagen of America, Inc.</span>
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